Imam an-Nawawi, may Allah have mercy upon him in the Majmū’ said:

With regard to the maźhabs of the ‘ulamā’ on praying jama’ in a place where one is not in khauf (fear), safar (traveling), or maradh (sick). Our maźhab, the maźhab of Abū Hanīfa, Mālik, Ahmad and the jumhūr is that it is not permissible. Ibnu Munźir narrated from a group of its permissibility without any sabab (reason). He said: ” Ibn Sirīn considered it permissible for a hāja or as long as one doesn’t make it the ‘āda (convention).
[end quote of Imam an-Nawawi in his commentary of al-Muhazźab where Imam ash-Shirazi, may Allah have mercy upon him said:
Praying jama’ between two prayers during rain at the time of the earlier of two prayers is permissible due to what is narrated by Ibnū Abbas who said: “The Prophet of Allah, Salutations and Peace of Allah upon him prayed Zhuhr, ‘Ásr, Maghrib and ‘Isha’ as jama’, not in a state of khauf or safar (traveling). ” Mālik deemed that this is during rain.

Time of Combined Prayers due to Rain

Is it permissible to pray jama’ in the time of the second of the two prayers? With regards to this there are two qauls (opinions of ash-Shafi’ie). He said in the Imlā’ that it is permissible just like during safar while he said in the Umm that it is not permissible because if it is in the latter case, then perhaps the rain have ceased and one prays jama’ without uźr (legal permission).


Imam an-Nawawi, may Allah have mercy upon him commented on the above hadith and said:
The hadīth is the hadīth of Ibnu Abbās, may Allah be pleased with them both. It is narrated by al-Bukharī and Muslim with an addition which is attributed to Ibnū Abbās as to why the Prophet, Salutations of Allah and Peace upon him, did so. He said: He desires that his ummah is not put in haraj (difficulty). And ash-Shirāzi’s mentioning of Mālik saying “I deemed (Urā)”, meant “I supposed (Azhunnu)”. And he is Mālik Bin Anas, the Imam. ash-Shafi’ie said something similar. However this ta’wīl (interpretation) is in contradiction to a śahīh narration of  Muslim and Sunan Abū Daud from Ibnu Abbas, may Allah be pleased with them both who said:
The messenger of Allah, Peace and Salutations of Allah upon him prayed jama’ in Madina, wherein there is no khauf (fear) or matar (rain). This is the narration from the narrations of Habīb bin Abī Thābit and he is an imām who is agreed upon to be thiqa and ‘ādil, and is used as hujja. …..]