ash-Shirazi, may Allah have mercy upon him said, in his muhazzab said:

When he completes his tawaf, he returns to Mina and remains in it on the days of tashreeq. He throws pebbles to the three Jamra on all the days. To each of the Jamra he throws seven pebbles. So he throws to the Jamra al-Ula, which is near to Masjid al-Kheif. He then stands to the extent of al-Baqara and make supplication to Allah the Most Exalted. He then throws to the Jamra al-Wustha and then stands to supplicate to Allah Most High as we mentioned earlier. Next, he throws to the third Jamra which is the Jamra al-Aqaba and does not stand by it due to what is narrated by ‘Aisha, may Allah’s mercy be upon her (that the Prophet, Salutations of Allah and Peace upon him, stayed in Makkah until he prays Zuhr. He then returns to Mina and stayed there on the three days of Tashreeq. He throws to the Jamra by throwing to the Jamra al-Ula when the sun crosses the meridian, with three pebbles whilst making takbeer with every pebble. He then stands and supplicates to Allah most High. He then went to the second Jamra where he said the same thing. He then went to the Jamra al-‘Aqaba and throws at it and did not stand by it).

It is not permissible for one to throw to the Jamras on these three days except that it is in order. He begins with the al-Ula, and then the al-Wustha, and then the al-‘Aqaba because the Prophet, Salutations of Allah and Peace be upon him threw as such while he said (Emulate me in your rites of pilgrimage). And if he forgets a pebble, while he does not know which Jamra he omitted, he regards it as the Jamra al-Ula so that what remains from the obligations is completed.

And throwing is not permissible on these three days except after midday because ‘Aisha, may Allah’s Mercy be upon her said (The Prophet of Allah, Salutations of Allah and Peace be upon him,  on the three days of Tashreeq threw the three Jamra when the sun crosses the meridian). And if he omits the throwing on the third day, the throwing cease to be valid because the days of throwing has elapsed, and dam is obligatory upon him due to the saying of the Prophet, Salutations of Allah and Peace be upon him (One who omits a rite, dam is obligatory upon him).


Imam an-Nawawi in his commentary of the Muhazzab said

The throwing of the Jamra of Tashreeq is not permitted except after the sun crosses the meridian. This is the opinion of Ibn Umar, al-Hasan, ‘Atho’, Malik, ath-Thawri, Abu Yusuf, Muhammad, Ahmad, Daud and Ibn al-Munzhir.

There are two narrations from Abi Hanifa. (The more mash-hur opinion) is the opinion of Ishaq where it is permissible on the third day to throw before mid-day but it is not permissible on the first two days. (The second opinion) is that it is permissible on all three days.

And our proof has preceded when the author ash-Shirazi mentioned about this matter.