the compendium

Abū Zuhayr Azhar Bin Ismā'īl

The Embracing Ocean


Translation of the Fuyūdhāt

The Divine Showers from the Elite of the Banī ‘Alawiyah
by Zayn bin Ibrāhim bin Sumait Bā ‘Alawī al-Husainī

Divine Showers 01 : Opening Hadīth
Divine Showers 02: Opening Introduction
Divine Showers 03: Tafsīr al-Isyārī
Divine Showers 04: the Science of Tafsīr
Divine Showers 05: the ahl al-Bayt & the Qur’ān

Tafsīr of Some of the Qur’ānic Verses Related from a Body of ‘Alawiyah Elites who are Sources of Muhammadan Secrets and Ladunnī Cognizance

Amongst those: what is transmitted from the al-Imām al-Kāmil al-‘Ārif al-Wāśil ‘Aydrūs Ibn ‘Umar al-Habsyī may Allāh be Pleased and he be well pleased with Him, and may we benefit from his barakah, asrār. He passed away in the city of al-Ghurfah on 9 Rajab 1314 AH.

[028:088] [056:077] [002:257] [091:009]

Translation of the Majmū’

Commentary of the Muhazźab
by Abū Zakaria Yahya Ibn Sharaf an-Nawawī

The Book of Purification

Licking of the Kalb
Time of Khitā

Chapter of Mensturation

Intimacy with a Menstruating Wife

The Book of Prayer

Recitation of the Qur’ān for the Junub and Hā’idh
The Junub and the Masjid
Prohibited Timings : (Pt 1)  (Pt 2) (Pt 3) (Pt 4)
Raising of the Hands
Making Up Prayer
On the Qunūt (Scholarly Differences)
Supplications in Time of Grief and Distress
Leading a Non-Maĥram Lady in Prayer 
Combining Jum’ah and ‘Aśr
Reasons for Combining Prayers
Limit when Travelling Rukhśahs End
Enlivening the Nights of the Two ‘Eīds
The Miscarried Fetus

The Book of Charity and Alms Giving

Fitra of a Child
Paying Fitra for another person

The Book of Fasting

Cupping and Blood Donation during Fasting
The Fast of Shawāl
The Fast of ‘Arafah
The Fast of ‘Āsyūrā’

The Book of Pilgrimage

The Greeting Tawāf
Throwing Jamarāt on Days of Tashrīq – Timings
Departure from Minā
The Farewell Tawāf

The Book of Hunting and Slaughtering

Slaughtering with a Sharp Knife
‘Aqīqah Pt 12: Shaving the Newborn’s Hair

Translation of the Siyār al-A’lām an-Nubalā’

Biographies of the Erudite Authorities
by Muhammad ibn Ahmad ibn `Uthman ibn Qayyim `Abu `Abd Allah Shams ad-Din al-Źahabi

The Aśhāb of asy-Syāfi’ī

The Four Muhammads

Ibn al-Munźir (d:318AH)

Other Aśhāb

al-Khattābī (d:388AH)

(340 AH – 585 AH)
‘Irāqī Tarīqah

al-Mahāmilī (d: 415AH)
al-Māwardī (d:450H)

 Khurasānī Tarīqah

ar-Rūyānī (d: 501AH)
al-Baghawī (d:516 AH)

(600-900 AH)
The Two Shaykhs

ar-Rāfi’ī (d:623AH)

Miscellaneous Articles

1. Throwing Timings (Fatwa of Dar al-Ifta Egypt)
2. The Perfection of Love (al-Jawab al-Kafi)
3. A Threat against those who leave Zakāt

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